No. Creating an account or signing up is not necessary to place an order and purchase an item. You can easily view our products and make a purchase. However, if you sign up with us, you can:

  • Track your order
  • Review past purchases
  • Get a notification informing you about the availability of an out-of-stock item
  • Save your address and payment information for a fast, hassle-free checkout next time
Yes. We don't sell your information to any source that we deem vulnerable. We only share your information with third parties where they abide by applicable data protection legislation. For more information, please read our Privacy Policy.
Once your order is confirmed, it may take three to four business days. However, items marked as special orders can take up to 4 weeks.
Yes. You will be notified by the shipping company regarding the status of your order. You can contact our customer support anytime if you can't track your order. We'll be happy to assist you.
You can add, change, or amend your order before it's dispatched. However, once you place an order and it's dispatched from our store, we can't be able to process any queries. Contact us at bswishcustom@gmail.com for more details.
We accept PayPal, credit and debit cards, and online transactions. Since we are a big store, we care for our valuable customers and strive to make shopping easy for them. So, you can choose whichever payment method is best for you.



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